Learn what it honestly takes to find and build the relationship of your dreams.

This is the Abridged Introduction Version

Learn in this course:

  • How to improve one's self to be worthy of a relationship.

  • Where all relationship issues reside and how to solve them.

  • How-to approach and propose relationship opportunities.

This is the relationship course you need if you are looking for a relationship in your life. Even while "relationships" come in all shapes and sizes, there is one common variable to all of them... You. This is where all of your problems can be solve and if you have trouble with relationships, you have the solution right there within yourself. I, Rev. Devan Jesse Byrneam here to help you learn how to bring it out and become worthy of a beautiful relationship, which you do deserve.

As one of Open and Clear, Academy's 2020 season of courses, this course is complete in itself however it is part of a "Course-Series" which offers a comprehensive journey of self-discovery of every aspect of Relationships and utilizing Spiritual Principles that will change your life for the better, forever. The whole series consists of "Discovering Relationships", "Intimate Relationships", "Friend Relationships", "Committed Relationships", "Expressive Relationships", "Progressive Relationships", and "Divinely-Inspired Relationships".

Relationships thrive on honesty

What can you honestly afford?

This course, while focusing on relationships is a Spiritual Course. Therefore Practices and Meditations are provided and required for the most benefit of what this course has to offer. We do not discuss dogmas or worshiping deities, strictly personal practice for the best results.

A Seven Section Based Curriculum

    1. Introduction - A3.A:1

    2. Languages - A3.A:2

    3. Listening - A3.A:3

    4. Offensives - A3.A.4

    5. Words - A3.A .5

    6. How I Feel - A3.A:6

    7. Personal Inquiry - A3.A:7

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The Family you help support.

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Left/Back row to front/right with ages in mid. 2021 : Collin (15), Skyler (17), Derrick (19), December (13), Myself, Trina, Atreyu (6) and Link (4).
The Family you help support.