Learn in this course:

  • Learn how to THINK with the movement and emanation of the Wholly Spiritual Universe.

  • How to open the gate-ways of your perceptions to experience the spiritual universe yourself. No stories, No dogmas.

  • How to identify misconceptions of Spiritual practices. This is not Philosophy, this is not Morality. These are forms of Mentality which activate and induce Spirituality experience.

How to: THINK with the Spiritual Universe WITHOUT Drugs, Superstitions, or Dying.

     Here you will learn thinking processes to support THINKING with the Spiritual Universe. This is one Course of a Course-Series called "Evoking Spirit". It is complete in itself, however, this one is specifically focused on the sensations you think you think. For your professor Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne these things are not theory, not arbitrary. He teaches from first-hand experience and mastery of these abilities.

     You will be exposed to various ways of thinking that give you very accessible opportunities to “open the door” to the first-hand experience of the Spiritual Universe and all that is available there for you. Even while the success of this can not be guaranteed, if you are a dedicated, determined, and open-minded individual, it is entirely possible for you to become drastically more aware of the spiritual universe with far more personal experiences than before you started.

     The largest obstacle to face in this course happens to be the purpose we developed a physical world. This world is designed as a slow manifesting experience to word off fearful thoughts which become manifest instantly in the Spiritual-Universe. As you come to experience it, you will quickly realize it has been some form of fear that jarred you back into the physical experience each and every time. It is because of this, the main practice to learn in this course is to forgive each and everything and person till you have absolutely no inclination of fear or resistance in your mind.

     However, you will have teachings in this course on how to examine and identify the aspects within your perception that interprets the Spiritual Universe into the seeming physical one before you. In order to succeed in this course, It is required that you adjust and change your mind about what is real and what is not, essentially turn all perception upside down recognizing the Spiritual Universe is the actual reality and the physical is the actual arbitrary.

     This course is not about dogma or the teachings of any supreme teacher. This is simply to forefront offer the actual process on experiencing the Spiritual Universe First-Hand for yourself and NOT in stories or tales of miracle workers of old. However, in no way are these teachings somehow against any teacher that has come before. First-Hand experiences could not but support any and all religious practices you may have.

        The success of these courses is not based on the certificate of completion but on the individual's honest experience of the Wholly Spiritual Universe. Nor does gaining the certificate of completion give you the right to teach this information but definitely gets you a step closer to doing so.

The first lesson is now:

This course relies on authenticity and honesty.

Is this Series for Me?

  • Want Experience?

    Have I been wanting to experience the Spiritual Universe, praying for Divine-Revelation, or seeking Understanding in my Life? Then, Yes this Series is for you!

  • Want Freedom?

    Have I felt stuck, wishing I could be myself, free to express what I feel and where I believe I should be in Life? Then, Yes this Series will help you!

  • Want Miracles?

    Have I been wanting a more miraculous life then the mundane day-in / day-out "living", believing there has got to be more to this existence? The, Yes you are in the right place!

All of our courses are unscripted. Each course in the series seem similar because they are recorded back to back. However, this is an entirely spiritually-guided experience.

     This is One Course of a Course-Series called "Evoking Spirit". There are seven courses to this series which consist of learning the spiritual perspectives in the areas of smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling, hearing, thinking, and communicating. There are seven parts to this series of courses as well as this course has seven main sections each consisting of seven 5-30 minute lectures.

     If you are ready to expand your THINKING sensory perception to exceed the limits of the physical world, This is the course for You! If you want to get wholly integrated and Ascend to the full awareness of the Spiritual Universe this entire course series is suggested, with the possibility of other additional programs.

A Seven Section Based Curriculum

    1. Where is the Spiritual Universe ? - A7.6:1.1

    2. Why should I experience it ? - A7.6:1.2.

    3. What is / is not necessary ? - A7.6:1.3

    4. Who are your teachers ? - A7.6:1.4

    5. When will it be achieved ? - A7.6:1.5

    6. Why is journaling important? - A7.6:1.6

    7. Meditation: Introduction - A7.6:2.1

    1. What is perception ? - A7.6:2.1

    2. How do I distort perceptions ? -A7.6:2.2

    3. Can I recognize perception in action ? - A7.6:2.3

    4. What is the purpose of life ? - A7.6:2.4

    5. How do I expose these "distortions" ? - A7.6:2.5

    6. Can I surrender ? - A7.6:2.6

    7. Meditation: A subcondcious release - A7.6:2.7

    1. Will I be aware ? - A7.6:3.1

    2. Am I all in ? - A7.6:3.2

    3. Will I liberate myself ? - A7.6:3.3

    4. Is this what I want ? - A7.6:3.4

    5. What memories do I use ? - A7.6:3.5

    6. Why are my memories powerful ? - A7.6:3.6

    7. Meditation: A core focus - A7.6:3.7

    1. Is there anything to fear ? - A7.6:4.1

    2. What about the facts ? - A7.6:4.2

    3. Am I determined enough ? - A7.6:4.3

    4. What is key ? - A7.6:4.4

    5. When do I judge ? - A7.6:4.5

    6. Who will I become ? - A7.6:4.6

    7. Meditation: Choosing again - A7.6:4.7

    1. Utiling Forgiveness - A.7.6:5.1

    2. Where is perception ? - A.7.6:5.2

    3. Recognizing constancy - A.7.6:5.3

    4. Brain never smells - A.7.6:5.4

    5. Spirit represents - A.7.6:5.5

    6. Infinite possibilities - A.7.6:5.6

    7. Meditation: Recognizing process - A.7.6:5.7

    1. Singularity - A.7.6:6.1

    2. Questioning reality - A.7.6:6.2

    3. Illusion choosing - A7.6:6.3

    4. Everyday meditation - A.7.6:6.4

    5. Protecting from unknown - A.7.6:6.5

    6. Convincing gatekeeper - A.7.6:6.6

    7. Meditation: Keep coming back - A.7.6:6.7

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  • 7 hours of video content

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