Learn in this Course-Series:

This is a free introductory course to the Course-Series.

  • Change the sensations that you don't like into sensations that you do.

  • A new degree of mental-strength and clarity which could change your life forever.

  • Transform your weaknesses into strengths.

A Course-Series on training our minds to escape its own traps.

How to get change your weaknesses into strengths.

This one course of a seven-part course-series called “Transcending Perceptions”. It is complete in itself, however, this one course is specifically focused on getting over fear or concern. For your professor Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne this mind-training comes second nature and is a simple choice that can be made at any time if desired. 

Additional courses in this course-series consist of Living beyond Fear, Guilt, Anxiety, Anger, Denial, Paranoia, and Attachments.

Here you will learn techniques and strategies to think differently and overcome the blocks and obstacles which seem in the way of allowing yourself to live an enjoyable life. Justifiably you have felt this way in your life because there have seemed to be many reasons in the world conforming to the need for it. Part of this mind-training is in the realm of recognizing you have misunderstood the reality of these “justifications”, and have made then perceptually larger and more unmovable then they actually are. A common occurrence when the mind attempts to protect itself from seeming threats.

A large part of this course and for you to truly succeed in what it offers is the willingness to see things differently. Your emotions are justified in the world (of bodies). So the key is to see the world differently. In a spiritual-universe, the rules and regulations are drastically different. Freedom is our inheritance within this spiritual reality. This pain you feel is a part of your self-made prison, which IF you recognized how you got into it, also would you recognize your way out!

The Abridged Curriculum

  • 1

    Transcending Perceptions, Abridged - A6.A

    • Introduction - A6.A:1

    • Integration - A6.A:2

    • Assurance - A6.A:3

    • Alteration - A6.A:4

    • Expansion - A6.A:5

    • Responsibility - A6.A:6

    • Establishment - A6.A:7

Additional Courses in Series

There are seven courses within this series.