Learn in this course:

  • How to become aware of the energy of your soul.

  • How to feel the different frequencies of your energy.

  • How to open your mind to a whole new experience of the universe.

Come to Experience and Understand the Energy of the Wholly-Spiritual Universe, within this Course-Series.

Welcome to the first course within the "Energy Immersion" Course-Series where we learn the basics of managing and wielding the benefits of recognizing the energetic-platform of all the universe. This specific course is uniquely focused on attuning and becoming aware of the experiences of the frequencies of the spiritual universe. This is the place to start in the series for the most benefit.

The entire course-seres consists of these seven courses: Energy Awareness, Energy Dynamics, Energy Maneuvers, Energy Interchange, Energy Enhancement, Energy Conversion, and Energy (World) Perception. 

The Key to this Course-Series:  

Everything is energy representing the consciousness of everything. 

Much like many different energy-focused modalities, these courses will teach you how to become aware of what your energy is, how it works and what it is about, how to move it around, remove blocks and hindrances, raise your vibration, channel knowledge and talents as well as become aware of the transparency and residence of the spiritual universe.

A Seven Section Based Curriculum

    1. Introduction - A4.A:1

    2. Reflection - A4.A:2

    3. Influence - A4.A:3

    4. Recognition - A4.A:4

    5. Awareness - A4.A:5

    6. Sensation - A4.A:6

    7. Vision - A4.A:7

About this course

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  • 7 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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There are seven courses within this series.